NHS Training

We can offer a variety of courses for healthcare professionals and support workers in the NHS.

Here are a few examples of some of our successful courses:

RT0367 – Process Mapping for Practice Managers

This is a one day course aimed at helping busy practice managers develop the kind of business skills that will make them more effective in:

Meeting QOF Targets, Managing Change, Measuring & Reporting, Integrating Departmental Functions, Staff Training, Leading a Team, Setting & Meeting Targets, Facilitating Business Meetings.

RT0347 – 360 Degree People Management Skills for Practice Managers

Most management positions involve negotiations with people in a variety of contexts. In this session we look at how manage relationships in all of these directions.

With Direct Reports – as Practice Manager you will have to lead a team of receptionists and other staff with differing levels of skill and experience. We look at how to motivate, challenge, correct, and inspire this important team.

With Professional Colleagues – as Practice Manager you will have to offer leadership to Practice Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals. This can be a grey area because often these colleagues do not see themselves as reporting to you as the manager. We look at how to navigate this important area in order to offer direction without damaging your working relationships.

With General Practitioners – GP’s occupy the CEO and yet their primary role is patient care. This leads to a tension between the need to give a management lead and the pressure to respond to medical needs. In this session we look at how to lead GP?s towards your desired management goals.








RT0357 – Creating a Business Culture in an NHS Context

Because the primary goal of the NHS is to offer effective healthcare it can often seem that there is a resistance to the introduction of business practices.

Such practices, however, can be the mechanism that helps to deliver effective healthcare and plan for the future.

In this session we look at tried and tested business practices and discover ways of implementing them in an NHS context.

The goal will be to set an agenda towards creating a positive and effective business culture in your Practice.

  • Challenging Unwanted Attitudes and Practices
  • Setting an Agenda for Change
  • Discovering Your Personal Style of Leadership
  • Getting Everyone on Board
  • Dealing with the Ethics of Business


Key Skills for Practice Receptionists

This two-hour session is delivered at the practice to all reception staff. The aim is to make the session most effective by choosing the most appropriate subjects from the following:

Understanding the pressure and culture of being on the front line, The importance of being a team member, Understanding personality types, Body language and dealing with conflict, Listening skills and the art of asking the right questions, Understanding context, Assertiveness, Prioritising workloads.

Ten Transferable Management Skills for GPs

This two-hour session is delivered to General Practitioners as part of their Practice Learning sessions. During our time together we present an overview of all of the following subjects before choosing three to look at in more detail:


360 Degree Management, How to support your Practice Manager, Creating a Business Culture, How to Manage Change, Leading effective business meetings, Measurement Techniques, Process Mapping.

Ethical Sales Training/Customer Liaison Skills

Every organisation has to deal with customers/clients/patients. This will involve employing sales techniques even if we don’t recognise their presence.

This half-day course is aimed at helping all customer facing staff understand and use these techniques in both an effective and ethical manner.

Effective Appraisal Skills

This Course provides an introduction to?the whole process of conducting?appraisals. From?developing effective preparation for appraisal interviews through to practising the skills needed by the appraiser.? We also cover the art of taking relevant notes in order to develop a system that is sustainable.

To find our more about any of these courses contact me by phone on 07540 723622 or email at [email protected]